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Welcome to website of Jinkete Company! We are a leading, ISO9001 certified polycarbonate sheet, PVC roofing sheet and Spanish roofing tile manufacturer and supplier, located in China. To better serve our customers, our specialized technical team gives in the following installation guidance and technical advice on our products.

Installation Methods of Ketelong PC Sheet

1. Wet Installation
The installation system suits use in small places, such as houses, small bus stations, warehouses, green houses and others.
The sealant utilized in this method shall be neutral silicone weather-resistant glue compatible with Ketelong PC sheets.

2. Dry Installation
Advantage: The rubber gasket is locked inside the assembly strip and the sheet can move freely during expansion and contraction (Fig. 3-4).

Don't use PVC gasket as the additives released from PVC will cause chemical corrosion to the sheets and the sheets will crack or break. It is suggested to use A65 chloroprene rubber, EPT or EPDM rubber.

3. Technical Suggestion
II. Installation Methods of Ketelong PC Daylighting Shade

III. Installation Rules of Hongbo PVC Roofing Sheet

Thickness of PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet Recommended Purlin Span for Sloping Roof Recommended Purlin Span for Arched Roof
≤1.3mm ≤600mm ≤800mm
Between 1.3mm and 1.8mm ≤800mm ≤900mm
Between 1.8mm and 3.0mm ≤900mm ≤1000mm

1. Join two waves in transverse lapping of medium waves, small waves and small trapezoidal waves. The length for longitudinal lapping should be more than 300mm.
2. Drill holes before fixing the PVC roofing sheet with self-tapping screws. The diameter of the holes should be 2-3mm larger than that of retaining screws. It is recommended to fasten with a tile hook.
Note: The purlin span is related to the workshop temperature. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the purlin span will be. Otherwise, deformation of the PVC roofing tile may occur.

IV. Installation Rules of Hongbo Transparent PC Corrugated Sheet

Thickness of PC Corrugated Sheet Recommended Purlin Span
1.0mm ≤1000mm
1.2mm ≤1200mm
1.5mm ≤1500mm

When use the PC corrugated roofing sheet for daylighting, cover it over the color steel tile and support with bearing brackets. If self-tapping screws are adopted to fasten the roofing sheet, first drill holes whose diameter is 2-3mm larger than the screws. Remember that the screws should not be too tight so as to avoid partial crack on the sheet. In case of deformed tile caused by no reserved expansion space for screws, take the tile down and put it on even ground. After several hours, the polycarbonate sheet will become normal naturally, and you can resume installing the tile.

V. Installation Methods of Hongbo FRP Corrugated Sheet
The FRP corrugated sheet is a kind of durable, roofing materials designed for resisting weather interference. Handle the FRP corrugated sheet with care as any breakage or scratch may affect its service life. Install the daylighting FRP sheet on top of the color steel tile when joining the two types of tiles.
1. The holes drilled should have its diameter 2-3mm larger than that of screws, which allows space for expansion and contraction.
2. Quality waterproof loop should be used between screws and lighting sheets for protection against water and dust.
3. There should be double sticky tape applied to the purlins to prevent direct friction with the FRP corrugated sheet.
4. Two stripes of adhesive tape should be adopted for longitudinal lapping to accomplish water prevention.
5. When storing the lighting sheet, keep it free of heavy weight to avoid breakage.

VI. Precautions on use of Hongbo transparent PC corrugated sheet and FRP corrugated sheet as daylighting band
 1. Layout Scheme

1. We recommend the layout on the left side, instead of the right.
2. The best way we recommend to connect the lighting sheet and steel plate is either by full-length lapping from the ridge to the eave or from the ridge to the purlin in the middle of the house. Reasons are as follows.
Ⅰ. The lighting sheet and steel plate are formed using different techniques. The former is cold formed, with small angles, and the latter, has much larger angles. It is thus suitable for installing the lighting sheet on top of the steel plate.
Ⅱ. With slightly larger wave peak than that of steel plate, the lighting sheet offers optimum lapping when laid over the steel plate. Otherwise, the wave peak of the lighting sheet may crack to cause water leakage.
Ⅲ. Avoid too wide lighting band in transverse lapping of lighting sheets during construction. One reason is that cracks and water leakage may be caused by workers treading on the wide lighting band. The other is that there is hidden hazard for the safety of the workers.
To sum up, we recommend full-length lapping, with a single lighting band no more than one meter.

1. Node Diagram
Common corrugated sheet lapping
Spread the lighting sheet directly onto the profiled sheets surrounding it, and apply full-length waterproof adhesive tape to the joint on the sides of steel plates. The overlapping joint in the longitude side of the daylighting sheet should be laid on the purline, and the overlapping length with the color steel plates should be more than 250mm. Stick 2*20mm waterproof tape on both sides of the overlapping joints.

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