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Home Jinkete Plastic Company is a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets, PVC roofing sheets and Spanish roofing tiles, located in China. We have two corporate entities, namely, Ketelong and Hongbo. Our Ketelong and Hongbo products include solid polycarbonate sheets, hollow polycarbonate sheets, embossed polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate lighting domes, FRP corrugated sheets, polycarbonate awnings, and related products. Our full range of products is popular for wide applications to daylighting for residential buildings, awnings, carports, stadium roofs, swimming pool covers, transportation infrastructure, industrial factory buildings, trade markets, hotel atriums, greenhouses, soundproof walls, advertising lightboxes, interior decoration, flat-to-sloping roof conversion, and more.

Products Welcome to our product webpage! As an experienced Chinese polycarbonate sheet, PVC roofing sheet and Spanish roofing tile manufacturer, Jinkete is committed to developing and producing a complete range of Ketelong and Hongbo brand embossed polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate lighting dome, polycarbonate awning, and more, for worldwide customers. These products are increasingly popular for applications in residential construction lighting, awnings, carports, stadium roofs, hotel atriums, advertising lightboxes, flat-to-pitched roof conversions, among others.

About us In order to accomodate any needs customers may have, we provide a complete line of products, including roofing sheets, lighting sheets, anti-corrosion sheets, and sheets for agricultural greenhouses and advertising lightboxes. These products are widely used in daylighting of residential buildings, awnings, carports, stadium roofs, swimming pool covers, transportation infrastructure, factory buildings, signboards, interior decoration, soundproof walls, and many others. Our solid polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate lighting domes, FRP corrugated sheets, polycarbonate awnings, etc. are well received in both the domestic and overseas markets. The annual output of our products is listed as below.

Application Our PC solid sheet, PC hollow sheet, PC transparent corrugated roofing sheet feature portability, light transmission, sound insulation, flame retardance, temperature tolerance, weather and impact resistance. These products are commonly used in warehouses, factory buildings, sports halls, railway stations, airports, LED displays, skylights, instrument panels, advertising lightboxes, interior decoration, and more.

Project Jinkete Plastic Company is a professional polycarbonate sheet, PVC roofing sheet and Spanish roofing tile manufacturer, located in China. These products are available in all models, with the advantages of attractive design, strong three-dimensional effect, temperature tolerance, fire retardance, weather, corrosion and impact resistance. Hence, they are widely applicable to lighting of residential buildings, awnings, stadium roofs, pool covers, transport infrastructure, industrial plants, trade market, shopping mall corridors, hotel atriums, greenhouses, soundproofing walls, advertising lightboxes, interior decoration and flat-to-pitched roof conversions, etc. Since our beginning, we strive to provide quality products for worldwide customers.

Support 1. Join two waves in transverse lapping of medium waves, small waves and small trapezoidal waves. The length for longitudinal lapping should be more than 300mm.
2. Drill holes before fixing the PVC roofing sheet with self-tapping screws. The diameter of the holes should be 2-3mm larger than that of retaining screws. It is recommended to fasten with a tile hook.

Polycarbonate Sheet The polycarbonate (PC) sheet is made of virgin materials, providing UV protection, light weight, high impact resistance, high light transmission rate and temperature adaptability. Covered with high density absorber, the coextruded eco-friendly PC sheet maintains fast colors, and can offer leakage protection effectively.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet Diamond Polycarbonate Sheet Abrasive Polycarbonate Sheet Light Diffusion Polycarbonate Sheet Striped Polycarbonate Sheet Three Dimensional Polycarbonate Sheet Polycarbonate Lighting Dome Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Crystal Polycarbonate Sheet Anti Drip Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Heat Insulation Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Polycarbonate H Profile, Polycarbonate U Profile Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

PVC Roofing Sheet 1. Our PVC roofing sheet has beautiful novel design, bright colors, and can be used to decorate architecture of a variety of styles.
2. Long service life, ageing and corrosion resistance
3. Sound and heat insulation
4. Low installation cost
5. With resistance to strong wind and earthquake, the PVC roofing sheet guarantees the safety and reliability of roofing systems.

PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet Bright PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet Translucent PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet PVC Rigid Roofing Sheet ASA, PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet 3 Layer PVC Roofing Sheet PVC Fittings, Roofing Sheet Accessories

Spanish Roofing Tile Spanish roofing tile, a kind of new type building materials, is developed using advanced chemical techniques. The roofing tile has the advantages of light weight, high strength, sound and heat insulation, fire, water, moisture and corrosion resistance. Hence, the roofing material is commonly used in flat-to-sloping roof conversion, shopping malls, residence communities, new countryside construction, high grade villas, awnings, archaized architecture, and more.
Features of the Spanish roofing tile are listed as follows.

Spanish Roofing Tile Main Ridge Tile (Accessories of Spanish Roofing Tile)

FRP Corrugated Sheet A leading FRP corrugated sheet manufacturer and supplier located in China, Jinkete is ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved as a result of its consistent dedication to product quality and environmental protection. SGS certified, our products have also passed tests by National Research & Analysis Center of Chemical Building Materials and China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials.

Polycarbonate Awning The support for the polycarbonate awning, made of high strength engineering plastic mixed with UV absorber, antioxidant and modifying agent, is processed through one-off compression moulding by large molding equipment. The support consists of front bar, rear bar, left bracket, right bracket and sleeve anchors. It is very firm, and can bear a 50kg load. We at Jinkete offer a ten year warranty on the support, which is available in silver gray and black.

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