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Thanks for your interest in Jinkete products. We are a professional polycarbonate sheet, PVC roofing sheet and Spanish roofing tile manufacturer, located in China. Our subsidiaries like Ketelong and Hongbo are equipped with special production lines for PC, PVC and FRP sheets. We at Jinkete provide a complete range of products, both of general use and multifunctional type. In order to help you have a better understanding of our products, we introduce you specific product features and applications as follows.

PC Solid Sheet, PC Hollow Sheet, PC Transparent Corrugated Roofing Sheet
Our PC solid sheet, PC hollow sheet, PC transparent corrugated roofing sheet feature portability, light transmission, sound insulation, flame retardance, temperature tolerance, weather and impact resistance. These products are commonly used in warehouses, factory buildings, sports halls, railway stations, airports, LED displays, skylights, instrument panels, advertising lightboxes, interior decoration, and more.

PC Awning
With compact and attractive design, our durable PC awning provides high impact, UV, ageing, corrosion, and fire and wind resistance. You can also DIY the polycarbonate awning. It is widely used in high grade villas and apartments for home decoration.

Bright PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet
Our bright PVC corrugated roofing sheet has the advantages of being eco-friendly, harmless, fire retardant, and corrosion and weather resistant, and thus is generally utilized in warehouses, factory buildings, carports, farms, and other places.

PVC Roofing Sheet, Translucent PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet, PVC Roofing Sheet Accessories
Our PVC roofing sheet is green, environment-friendly, and easy to install, with excellent sound insulation and insulating, corrosion, weather, fire, load, water and low temperature resistant properties. While our translucent PVC corrugated roofing sheet offers bright and durable colors, high strength, low cost and fire, acid-alkali and organic solvent resistance. The PVC roofing sheet, translucent PVC corrugated roofing sheet, together with our PVC roofing sheet accessories (our patented products), are extensively adopted for factory buildings, carports, trade market, farms, to name a few.

Spanish Roofing Tile
Firm, lightweight, eco-friendly, and waterproof, the Spanish roofing tile has thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind, hail, stain, and shock resistance. With novel design and lasting color full of Chinese characteristics, the roofing tile creates string three-dimensional effect in villas, apartments, and other residential buildings.

FRP Corrugated Sheet
The FRP corrugated sheet is characterized by light transmission, light weight, thermal insulation, and strong flame, temperature, and weather resistance. The corrugated sheet is increasingly popular for applications to industrial buildings, carports, corridors, green houses, etc.

If you have any inquiries about our products, please see our specific webpage to find the right product for your needs, or contact us directly for assistance. We at Jinkete are ready and waiting to serve you.

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