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We welcome to the website of Jinkete Plastic Company! We are a Chinese manufacturer, specializing in the production of polycarbonate sheet, PVC roofing sheet and Spanish roofing tile. We have two large corporate entities, i.e. Ketelong and Hongbo. Founded in 1988, our company now has a total area of 110, 000m2, with a factory area of 50,000m2 and living quarters of 10,000m2. We employ a staff of over 400 people, who operate 6 PC sheet production lines and 9 PVC sheet production lines. Our annual production is 20,000 tons of PC sheet and 26,000 tons of PVC sheet. A vast array of products are available at Jinkete, including PC sheet, PVC sheet, FRP sheet, flat sheet, corrugated sheet, general and multifunctional sheet, and others. 20 years of dedication has made our Ketelong and Hongbo brand products, such as polycarbonate lighting dome, FRP corrugated sheet, polycarbonate awning, etc., increasingly popular with global customers, due to their high quality and competitive prices.

Products and Applications
In order to accommodate every need our customers have, we provide a complete line of products, including roofing sheet, lighting sheet, anti-corrosion sheet, and sheet for agricultural greenhouses and advertising lightboxes. Our products are widely used in daylighting of residential buildings, awnings, carports, stadium roofs, swimming pool covers, transportation infrastructure, factory buildings, signboards, interior decoration, soundproof walls, and many others. Jinkete solid polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate lighting dome, FRP corrugated sheet, polycarbonate awning, etc., are popular in both domestic and overseas markets. Our annual production for each product is listed as below.

Solid polycarbonate sheet: 9,000 tons
Hollow polycarbonate sheet: 5,000 tons
Transparent polycarbonate corrugated sheet: 6,000 tons
Polycarbonate awning: 30,000 sets
PVC corrugated roofing sheet: 5,000 tons
PVC anti-corrosion roofing sheet: 8,000 tons
Translucent PVC corrugated roofing sheet: 3,000 tons
PVC fittings: 8 million
Spanish roofing tile: 10,000 tons
FRP corrugated sheet: 2,000 tons

After Sales Service
In order to help customers feel secure in purchasing our products, we offer the following services.
1. Free product catalogs and installation manuals are available, to facilitate proper handling of our products by customers.
2. For products and accessories damaged due to quality problems, we offer services as described in the warranty.
3. For goods damaged by excessive force or misuse by customers, we offer replacements at cost prices.
4. We offer free samples, and customized or OEM service for customers.

Thanks for visiting our website! If you are interested in our polycarbonate corrugated sheet, polycarbonate lighting dome, or any other products, please see our product webpage to find the right product for your application, or contact us directly for assistance. We at Jinkete sincerely look forward to working with you.

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